22 inch drawer slides side mount for dresser, soft close (6 pair)

Brand: Goldenwarm

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  • Made of thick cold-rolled steel with zinc plated finish, strong load-bearing, corrosion-resistant and rust-free. Package included 6 pairs of drawer slides, INSTALLING SCREWS AND INSTALLATION INSTRUCTION.
  •  Product specifications: Length: 22in(550mm),Thickness: 1/2in(12.7mm),Width: 1.77in(45mm); 100 LB capacity.
  • Hydraulic damping allows the slides to achieve a soft-close effect.When the drawer is closed to a certain extent, it will automatically close quietly. Also, in this way it can extend the life of the drawer.
  • Our drawer slides are fitted with nylon detachable snaps for easy installation or removal of the drawer slides. You only need to gently press the buckle, which is convenient and labor-saving.
  • PERFECT GUARANTEE--If you have any questions or requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us,we will provide a suitable solution for you as soon as possible, you take NO RISK.



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