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Black Friday Presale, Enjoy 10% Code: BIG10
Black Friday Presale, Enjoy 10% Code: BIG10

Handle Knob Pull Drill Mounting Template, Blue Drill Mounting Template for Cabinet Door and Drawer(TM160)

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Want to update your kitchen by installing cabinet hardware without much effort?

You will find that it is a simple project which only consume few minutes with the Cabinet Hardware Installation Tool!

Wondering how to install cabinet door hardware quickly and accurately?

With Cabinet Hardware Template you can easily use it to drill all the holes for the new cabinet hardware.

Choose the proper template (vertical or horizontal) and hold it tight against the slide and bottom of the cabinet door. Use the Mark Tool to mark the position and use your drill to drill through the cabinet door at the hole location you marked,then install the hardware!

You will be very happy with the results!

template for easy to install

Details Tell Everything

Each hole on the template was made by a machine with very high precision, and the accuracy of distance between the holes are controlled down to 0.02 Millimeters!

The holes are funnel-shaped, big top and small bottom, easy for the mark tool to locate the position easily and accurate.

Perfect for all cabinet handles from Goldenwarm and also compatible with pulls from others.


How do I use this drill mounting template?

Step 1. Mark A Drilling Spot

Instead of using a tape measure, level, and pencil to individually mark and measure every door and drawer, the templates have a number of pre-defined options.

Choose one size that perfect for your handles, and used a marker to circle it.

step 1

Step 2. Precaution Of Getting Messed

To prevent the wood on the back of our drawers and cabinets from splitting as we drilled,

we better apply some tape on the back to hold things together.

Note: use a tape that can be removed easily, unlike something like duct tape, which will leave a residue.

step 2

Step 3. Drilling The Marked Position

Better drille the marked holes with a bit which is only slightly larger than your cabinet hardware screws.

After drilling, the screws should slide easily into the hole without having to thread the screws into the wood.

step 3

Step 4. Install Handles With Screwdriver

Attaching the knobs or pulls and screw the studs,when you feel everyting is tight, congrats, your project are well done!

step 4

You will be happy with the results

Get rid of using tape, level, and pencil to mark the drilling holes,the cabinet hardware mounting tool make everything easy and accurate!

You can finish the installation project sooner and better, and will be happy with the results!