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Black Friday Presale, Enjoy 10% Code: BIG10
Black Friday Presale, Enjoy 10% Code: BIG10

Pneumatic Door Closers Automatic Door Closers Pneumatic Buffer Door Closers

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  • Door Stopper: This air pressure door closer for out-swinging doors is ideal for heavy-duty storm doors which are 1.25-2 inches thick
  • Adjustable and Easy to Install: Made of aluminum, this door closer easily screws onto the door and can be installed either at the top, in the middle, or at the bottom
  • Versatile Design: This storm door closer has a cylinder tube which is 300 mm in length and can be adjusted when screens or glass storm panels are swapped during seasonal changes
  • Smooth Closing: The door closing is adjustable with this pneumatic door closer and can be adjusted with the air screw at the end of the cylinder
  • Includes: Screws and brackets needed for installation