How to decorate a more beautiful kitchen with less budget

Jun 24 2020 0 Comments

I’ve probably ever read about rental hacks to “level up” your home style—and there have been A LOT—involves swapping out hardware in one form or another. Whether that means changing all the knobs in your kitchen, your bathroom vanity or just some DIY furniture rehab you’re working on, evidently, the key to all sad rental woes lies in a roughly 1-inch piece of metal. Ha. But for real, the difference new cabinet knobs and pulls can make in a kitchen or bath is MONUMENTAL and oftentimes, it’s one of the only things you have any control over when you’re beholden...

Update your kitchen cabinets with gold hardware

Mar 27 2020 0 Comments

Recently i want to renovate my kitchen cabinets. I have migrated over to the warmer metal tones over the last decade, and especially during these last few years when all things gold have become on-trend again.So, it’s probably no surprise that when I was choosing the finishes for our kitchen, I immediately gravitated toward gold hardware pulls.Our cabinet was white and I think the gold is perfect color. The gold would warm up the room and add a little bit of glam. I knew I wanted something with clean lines (nothing too ornate) and a pull style rather than knob...

popular modern cabinet hardware of 2020

Mar 02 2020 0 Comments

Although cabinet hardware it is a small thing, it has a very important role in the cabinet project. It will also make the cabinet look fashionable and good-looking if you choose the right style and color. So which handles are popular in 2020? Below I recommend 2 models to you. 7027 edge handles This handle is aluminum alloy finish and electroplating process, not easy to fade which could offer long-term durability & strength for all-purpose use. Exquisite design, high quality smooth edges for comfortable grip. With this modern handle, you could easily transform your cabinets, doors, drawers, bathrooms, etc., to...

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