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Pay attention to these three points when choosing the cabinet handle

Many people would like to choose the beautiful cabinet handles, but ignore the practicality or safety of cabinet handles. In fact, although the handle is a small thing, it still has to be carefully selected. Those who know how to choose cabinet hardware will pay attention to these three points.

There are many styles of cabinet handles, you can choose them according to your own habits and needs. But if you have children in the family, you better choose the flush pull, the flush pulls have no protruding edges and corners, so don't worry about the children accidentally hurting.
flush pull

It is safer to choose a good quality cabinet handle. The high quality handles are more delicate and smooth. It is recommended that the owner choose the handle of electroplating or electrostatic painting, because the quality of wear resistance and corrosion resistance is better. And the pull of the handle is also very important, the good cabinet handle can withstand more than six kilograms of tension.

high quality cabinet handles

Different material of cabinet handles can be used with different styles of furniture. For example, the copper door handles are hard and retro, so it more suitable for European cabinets. The stainless steel and zinc alloy cabinet handles are more suitable for modern cabinets. Now many people like to choose stainless steel and zinc alloy handles, because they are more fashionable and economical.

stainless steel cabinet handles

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