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what is the cabinet pull installation steps and location

what is the cabinet pull installation steps and location

The cabinet pull is one of the indispensable parts on the cabinet. Although it is small in size, but it affects the appearance and life of the cabinet. Then how to install cabinet pull and what is the right installation location?

The height of the cook should be considered when we install the cabinet handles.
For ease of use, the installation location of cabinet pull should not exceed the height of the cook's hand, or be placed between 1-2 inches below the cabinet.
The hole centers of cabinet handle that people often choose are single hole(cabinet knobs) and 128mm, 192mm. Goldenwarm supply you different sizes of cabinet pulls, you can choose from Goldenwarm hardware.

goldenwarm cabinet pull

What is the cabinet pull installation steps?

Step 1: Plan Where You Want Your Cabinet Hardware

Step 2: Make Pencil Marks for Drill Holes

Step 3: Use a Jig to Ensure Identical Location

Step 4: Drill Using Masking Tape for Protection

Step 5: Enjoy Your New Cabinet Hardware
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