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Cabinet hardware hinges that cannot be ignored

Cabinet hardware hinges that cannot be ignored

Many consumers are attracted by styles and colors while neglecting hardware when purchasing cabinets.

Cabinet hardware plays an important role in the comfort, quality and longevity of its use, so you should not ignore these seemingly small and critical components when you purchase.

Hinge: the most tested

According to Goldenwarm, the cabinet door is opened several times a day.The cabinet hinge not only needs to connect the door panel of the cabinet, but also bears the weight of the door panel.

The high-quality hinge will open and close more than ten thousand times in the case of the door panel with a weight of more than ten kilograms to ensure that the door panel does not sink.

The opening and closing effect and durability of the hinge are basic requirements. Secondly, the adjustability: up and down, left and right, adjustable front and rear range of ± 2mm; opening angle should be above 90 degrees, and can be stopped at any angle, automatically return to close at 15 degrees, and have a certain degree of corrosion resistance And security.

Tips: Some cheap hinges are very laborious and can only be used in two postures, either closed or fully developed, and cannot be stopped in the middle. It is best not to buy such a hinge.

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