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The importance of cabinet hinges in furniture

The importance of cabinet hinges in furniture

Hinge is the main component connecting cabinet and door panel.In the normal use of the cabinet, the hinge is tested the most, so the quality of the cabinet hinge is very important to the use of the cabinet.

It is very important to make the hinged steel. At present, almost all the cabinet hardware on the market uses cold-rolled steel, and its thickness and toughness are perfect.

Also used in stainless steel, the use of ordinary steel in wet places will quickly rust, the use of stainless steel cabinet hinges can make up for this problem, so that the furniture life is longer, while the thickness of the steel is also affecting the quality of the hinge, determine the hinge can withstand the weight of the door Key factor.

The hinge must be able to adapt to the humidity of the kitchen, soot and many other factors, its quality is critical to the normal use and life of the cabinet.

The most important thing to be tested is the hinge. It not only connects the cabinet and the door panel precisely, but also bears the weight of the door panel alone, and must maintain the consistency of the door arrangement. Otherwise, it will appear loose after a period of time.

"If the hinge is the heart of the cabinet, then the drawer slider is the drawer kidney." This sentence is not exaggerated.

The whole drawer is designed.The most important accessory is the drawer slider. Due to the special environment of the kitchen, the low-quality drawer slides.

The block feels good in the short term, and it will be difficult to push and pull when it is a little longer.

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