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Goldenwarm cabinet hardware product-Drawer Slider

Goldenwarm cabinet hardware product-Drawer Slider

(1) Features

Inside the drawer slider, which is invisible to the naked eye, is its bearing structure, which is directly related to its load-bearing capacity.

There are both steel ball drawer slides and silicon wheel drawer slides on the market.

The former automatically removes dust and dirt on the drawer slider by rolling the steel ball, thereby ensuring that the drawer slider is clean and does not affect the sliding function due to dirt entering the interior.

At the same time, the steel ball can spread the force around, ensuring the stability of the drawer horizontally and vertically.

The debris generated by the silicon wheel drawer slide during long-term use and friction is snow-like, and can be brought up by rolling, which also does not affect the sliding of the drawer.

(2) Choice

The drawer is an indispensable part of the kitchen equipment, and the whole drawer is designed.

The most important accessory is the drawer slider. Due to the special environment of the kitchen, the low-quality drawer slider feels good even in a short time. Found the difficulty of pushing and pulling.

When selected, the drawer can be completely extracted, and its structure and its specific structure in contact with the drawer slider can be clearly seen from the bottom, and the thickness of the side panel of the drawer can also be observed.

High-quality drawer slider surface layer electrostatic spraying, uniform gloss; selected material is thick, strong bearing;

wheels made of nylon material, sturdy, durable, low noise; drawer slider operation without any added lubricant is smooth; installation Simple and fast; use 100,000 times without deformation.

The surface of the low-quality drawer slider is rough, the color difference is obvious, the finish is poor, the material is cut corners, the track wall is thin, and the bearing capacity is poor;

the wheel material is poor, it is easy to break, the rotation is unstable, the noise is large, and the service life is short. The imported products have high load capacity, smooth sliding and self-closing and even buffering functions.

For more information on the goldenwarm drawer slider, please leave a message on the website.

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