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Cabinet hardware accessories brand and price comparison

Jun 19 2019 0 Comments cabinet hinge Drawer Slides Goldenwarm hinges stainless steel cabinet hinges

When purchasing, it is mainly to see if the appearance is defective, how the gloss is applied, and whether the hand feels smooth.

Goldenwarm cabinet hardware product-Drawer Slider

Jun 17 2019 0 Comments drawer Drawer Slides kitchen

(1) FeaturesInside the drawer slider, which is invisible to the naked eye, is its bearing structure, which is directly related to its load-bearing capacity. There are both steel ball drawer slides and silicon wheel drawer slides on the market. The former automatically removes dust and dirt on the drawer slider by rolling the steel ball, thereby ensuring that the drawer slider is clean and does not affect the sliding function due to dirt entering the interior. At the same time, the steel ball can spread the force around, ensuring the stability of the drawer horizontally and vertically. The debris generated...

Goldenwarm drawer slider design principle and function introduction

Jun 13 2019 0 Comments drawer Drawer Slides Goldenwarm

The soft close function avoids noise during the push-pull, makes it quieter, and the slow closing prevents your baby's hands from being clamped by the drawer.
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