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Cabinet hardware essential accessories - drawer slider

Cabinet hardware essential accessories - drawer slider

1、pay attention to the structure and materials of the drawer slider

For the drawer slider, the inferior material has a fatal effect on the quality of the drawer slider.

When purchasing, carefully feel the drawer slider of different materials, choose the handle, the hardness, the heavy drawer slider.

2、according to the needs of kitchen cabinets, buy the right model

The purchase of cabinet hardware accessories must be matched with the cabinet. Therefore, the model requirements for drawers and other accessories are extremely strict.

The length of the drawer slider and the requirements for drawers are the key considerations.

If the drawer is to be placed in a very heavy weight, pay great attention to the weight of the drawer slider and the number of pushes the drawer slider can withstand under load.

3、field test drawer slider

Good cabinet drawers have little resistance when pushed and pulled, and when the drawer slides to the end, the drawer will not fall off or fall over.

You can also pull out the drawer on the spot and press it on the drawer to see Whether the drawer is loose or not, whether there is a creaking sound.

Goldenwarm Tips: At the same time, the resistance and resilience of the drawer slider during the pull-out process of the drawer appear, and whether it is smooth or not, you also need to push and pull several times at the scene to observe.
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