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Inferior drawer sliders cause the drawer to shake unsteadily

Inferior drawer sliders cause the drawer to shake unsteadily

The weight of the cabinet itself, coupled with its use characteristics, the use of inferior drawer sliders will cause the cabinet drawer to shake unstable and quality problems. Many domestic hinges are difficult to meet the quality requirements of cabinets.

The inferior drawer slider is difficult to push and pull, and the drawer is not stable due to the uneven force surface in the drawer slider.

Goldenwarm tells you how to judge the inferior hinges: the poor hinges are usually welded with thin iron sheets. The springs have poor elasticity and no resilience. If they are used for a long time, they will lose their elasticity and make the cabinet doors not tight.

The good hinge adopts one-time stamping forming, the surface is smooth and the plating layer is not easy to rust, stable and firm, and its steel thickness, flexibility and corrosion resistance are good, the base is high, the arm is long, and it can be positioned without displacement.

The cabinet drawers with strong load-bearing capacity are connected by drawers and sliders, which makes pushing and pulling more comfortable. At present, most well-known brand cabinets use imported hinges.
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