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Cabinet hardware accessories brand and price comparison

Cabinet hardware accessories brand and price comparison

At present, there are many varieties of hardware cabinets, and the price difference between various imported cabinets and domestic cabinets is very large.

Today, cabinet hardware has become the new darling of the cabinet industry.

Most people pay attention to its visual effects when choosing cabinets. The quality and function of cabinets, cabinets and accessories are often overlooked, but these basic hardware are the most important for cabinets.

Hardware accessories are an important part of the cabinet now. The quality of the hardware directly determines the performance of the whole cabinet.

Therefore, how to choose the cabinet suitable for oneself, how to judge the advantages and disadvantages of the hardware, the value of the specific cabinet hardware, It has become a common knowledge of current buyers.

First, the cabinet hardware accessories brand and price comparison:

The hardware accessories of kitchen cabinets are an important part of modern kitchen furniture.

However, the advantages and disadvantages of hardware often do not attract the attention of kitchen cabinet manufacturers, consumers lack the ability to judge the advantages and disadvantages of hardware, and lack sufficient understanding.

It has a great impact on the normal use of the kitchen cabinet and its "life".

Second, hardware purchase tips:

Drawer sliders and door handles are hardware that are often rubbed. Should choose a good sealing performance, cabinet hinges, drawers, locks.

It is flexible and convenient to open and close and pull several times during purchase.

Choose a variety of decorative hardware with good appearance.

When purchasing, it is mainly to see if the appearance is defective, how the gloss is applied, and whether the hand feels smooth.

In addition, the biggest problem with hardware is that the installation, the door door problems, mostly because the installation is not in place or the operation is not possible, rather than the quality of the hardware is not good.

Therefore, choosing a general brand of hardware, strict installation is also an effective method.

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