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Goldenwarm teach you match the hardware for your light cabinets

Goldenwarm teach you match the hardware for your light cabinets

Light cabinet is the furniture of a lot of families indispensable, it also has been more popular.
In fact, the best designers and do-it-yourself remodelers alike know the importance of nailing the details. When it comes to light cabinets, few details run as important as hardware. Hardware made the light cabinets easy to use and improve appearance. Then Goldenwarm will teach you match the hardware for your light cabinets.


Hardware for Light Cabinets
Cabinet-hardware design has seen a trendy boom in the past few years. Wholesale to consumer retailers alike have met heightened consumer expectations, placing more attention on quality materials and craftsman-like detailing in their hardware lines. Even the most mass-produced and commercial hardware is stepping up, making it easy to find a range of unique hardware products, colors and specialty finishes.

This news is great for the customer. Never before have there been so many options for cabinet hardware regarding functional types, styles and customizable features. Aptly nicknamed “the jewel of cabinets,” your kitchen, bathroom or storage solutions would be remiss without the following pieces of hardware.

cabinet hardware


Knobs are your clean and classic cabinet hardware. For cabinets that get the most use, knobs are a small but practical adornment for easy opening and closing. Pay attention to the size and color of knobs for light cabinets, as well as if you prefer a shiny, glossy finish or one on the matte side.

You’ll find more knob designs by stepping outside of round molds too. Antique oval shapes are a subtle yet distinct touch. Or go modern with sleek square and rectangular knobs.


Cabinet handles merge form with function. For cabinets, drawers and kitchen bins, they’re a must-have inclusion in your set of hardware. Handles for light cabinets allow a full and steady grip to easily pull open or close any sized cabinet door. They don’t compromise a room’s look, either, because they have plenty of styles, shapes, lengths and embellishments available to mix and match. Plus, handles have the added feature of vertical or horizontal installation, allowing further detailing for your light cabinets.

If you want to match your light cabinets with hardware, welcome to Goldenwarm. Here you can choose varities of cabinet hardware with different colors and sizes.

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