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How to choose the perfect Cabinet Handles?

How to choose the perfect Cabinet Handles?

The basic function of the cabinet pulls

One of the basic functions of a handle is to open and close doors, drawers and cabinets. Whether it is indoor or outdoor doors, windows, wardrobes, entrance doors, drawers, cabinets, TVs and various other cabinet drawers, they all need the handles. Cabinet Handles are also an integral part of the overall style of the home, and the choice of handle should be coordinated with the whole.

Types, materials, characteristics of handles

1. Types of Cabinet Handles

Types of Cabinet Handles

Depending on the distance, length and shape between the pull holes, cabinet pulls can be classified as no pull, short pull, half-length pull and extra-long pull. The common hole distance is 96mm and 128mm. Handle-less pulls, also known as concealed pulls, can prevent artificial knocks.

According to the style, the pulls can also be divided into single hole, single bar, double bar, concealed style and so on.

The choice of the right handle is also a good decorative effect on the overall style of the furniture.

2. Materials and characteristics of handles

There are a variety of materials for handles. The commonly available metal materials are copper, zinc alloy, aluminium alloy, stainless steel, and non-metal materials by leather, plastic, wood, etc.

Stainless steel cabinet pullsStainless steel cabinet pulls: Stainless steel and iron pulls can generally be seen on custom-made doors or larger furniture in rural areas. The advantage is that they are resistant to oil and dirt, but they look not too refined.

Leather and metal pulls: leather pulls are generally made of leather for the pull bar and metal such as brass or zinc alloy for the clasp. On some leather-based wardrobe drawers, because of its soft material, it looks to give some high-end and warm atmosphere.

Ceramic Handle: The ceramic handle is made of metal such as copper or zinc alloy as the base and wrapped in ceramic on the outside, which has a bright lustre and texture and is very popular with young people.

Wooden handles: wooden handles are more often used with wooden furniture, with natural warmth and colour, more rustic and rustic.

How to choose a pull handle

1. Matching different decor styles

Handle selection needs to be referred to the overall decoration style.

Vintage, rustic style: wood and ceramic handles can be used.

Modern style: stainless steel handles with a special process can be used.

European style: you can choose vintage style handles in copper.

2. Selection of cabinet door pulls, drawer pulls and cupboard pulls in different positions

Kitchen Cabinet Handles

Kitchen cabinet handles: Kitchens have more fumes because of the cooking and cooking, so you should choose a variety of handles that are easier to clean, corrosion-resistant and durable, made from aluminium alloy.

Bathroom handles: because the bathroom humidity is higher, the frequency of use is higher, to choose a durable, corrosion-resistant handles, we recommend the use of ceramic or wood handles.

Wardrobe pulls: living room and bedroom wardrobe and TV cabinet pulls emphasise their decorative nature and can be chosen to be close to the original decoration style or the exact opposite of exposed pulls.

Doors: The pulls on the main doors and room front areas, in addition to pulling open the door and other functions, are more often used to demonstrate the value and identity of the owner of the house, and the pulls used should be large and sturdy and textured.

Children's or elderly people's rooms: to prevent injuries caused by knocks, use closed or non-handled handles that are built in.

3. Cabinet doors and drawer pulls also need to be considered in terms of height and width

Cabinet doors and drawer pulls also need to be considered in terms of height and width

Drawers and cabinets have varying dimensions, so it may be difficult to determine the size you need. Although there are no fixed rules, we generally recommend that the length of the pull is approximately 1/3 of the width of the cupboard or drawer.

Cabinet doors and drawer pulls also need to be considered in terms of height and width

Small drawers of 12 inches or less,usually work best with pulls 3 inches to 4 inches long or knobs 1 inch in diameter.

Cabinet doors and drawer pulls also need to be considered in terms of height and width

Medium drawers from 12" to 30", work best with a pull 4" to 8" long or a knob 1" to 1.5" in diameter.

Cabinet doors and drawer pulls also need to be considered in terms of height and width

Large drawers from 30" to 48", require a pull longer than 8" or a knob of 1" diameter or larger. It is also good to use two pulls or knobs for a large drawer.

We hope that these methods will provide you with useful assistance in choosing your cabinet pulls.

Finally, experimentation is the best way to adjust your personal preferences, as each room has its own unique requirements. If you find yourself unsure of what you want, we recommend placing a smaller order. Take some time to experiment with different styles, sizes and finishes and see how the swap affects your space.


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