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Tips on Shopping Cabinet Pulls and Knobs

Tips on Shopping Cabinet Pulls and Knobs

When you remodel or build a new kitchen, new cabinet pulls and knobs are an affordable way to add style to your cabinets. You probably use our cabinet knobs and pulls dozens of times one day, so the functionality and style are of particular importance.

Before you choose the hardware

how to measure your cabinet pulls

Before you choosing the cabinet hardware, please keep these useful tips in mind:

  • Work out how many cupboard handles you will need and I suggest you buy a few more than you actually need in case there is a possibility of replacing them in the future.
  • If you are replacing a cabinet pull, you need to replace it with the same dimensions. Measure the distance between each screw hole to find the center to center measurement. There are many different sizes to choose from. Please feel free to contact the staff at Goldenwarm® who will give you expert guidance to ensure you purchase the right pull.
  • When selecting cabinet hardware, always check that the protrusion of the knob or pull does not interfere with the function of other cabinets or drawers. Projection is the degree to which the hardware protrudes from the drawer or cupboard. You may need to choose a knob or pull with a short projection height to ensure that your cabinets and drawers will open properly in tight corners.
cabinet pulls & knobs & Backplates
  • Knobs are projecting pieces in various shapes that typically attach with one screw.
  • Pulls (or handles) are projecting pieces in various shapes, widths, and lengths that attach with two or more screws.
  • Backplates are decorative panels mounted behind the knob or pull that are great for covering up existing screw holes in your cabinets.

Your Cabinet Hardware Style Options

Casual styles cabinet
Casual styles include rustic, urban, and whimsical. Cabinet hardware in these styles is easy to coordinate with many themes.

Contemporary cabinet

Contemporary is the best of Euro-modern or cosmopolitan styles. These styles often feature sleek lines, sharp angles, and modern finishes.

Traditional style cabinet

Traditional is often known as "Old World" style. Traditional-style cabinet hardware consists of classic designs that are often inspired by historical architecture and unique details that give it character.

Transitional combines the elements of contemporary and traditional hardware

Transitional combines the elements of contemporary and traditional hardware for a modern yet simple appearance. This style of hardware is ideal if you are seeking a balance between old fashioned and contemporary styles.

These are some suggestions for choosing cabinet pulls, hopefully they will help you to choose the right cabinet pull.

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