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How to select the right cabinet handles

How to select the right cabinet handles

For the cabinet, the handle is like its "arm". The good quality and good style of the door handle is not only easy to use, It plays a decisive role in the overall beauty of the cabinet.

On the contrary, if the door handle material is poor, it will affect the use of the cabinet.

In the market, the handles are made of copper, ceramic, zinc alloy, stainless steel and aluminum alloy.

Owners can choose the right door handle according to the style of their cabinet. In general, copper door handles are suitable for European-style cabinets.

The ceramic-style door handles are suitable for classic Chinese or rustic cabinets. Stainless steel and aluminum door handles for modern cabinets.

According to the material of the handle, there are zinc alloy, aluminum, copper, soft pvc, plastic, from the shape, there are european, modern, antique, cartoon and other current market, there are jade, or surface gold, silver and other precious metals High-end handle.

The shape is different, and you need to choose the appropriate handle according to the overall layout of the cabinet.

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