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The handle acts as a "key" in the cabinet

The handle acts as a "key" in the cabinet

Ambry hardware fittings is divided for functional sex and adornment sex hardware two kinds of types, ambry is in the kitchen damp, in the environment of smoke and fire burn, choice hardware fittings should be able to withstand the test of corrode, rusty, attackable.

Functional cabinet hardware is hardware used to achieve certain functions, such as hinges and drawer slides.

Among them, hinge wants to stand the test of time, it must open close ambry door not only, and still bear the weight of the door alone;Additional drawer slippery course cannot ignore, it is fixed on side board and drawer, bear the whole weight of the drawer, high quality drawer slippery course, do not pull a drawer with cost energetics.

Accordingly, the choice of these hardware fittings, must quality is good.

Decorative ambry hardware fittings, if ambry pulls a hand to wait, should consider the problem that photograph of colour and lustre, quality of a material coordinates with furniture.

The handle of ambry is unfavorable the handle that USES real wood, in damp environment otherwise, handle is easy be out of shape.

Real wood ambry can choose archaize to make old shake handshandle, have the product that the material such as zinc alloy makes already, also have project plastic to press with the mould and become, the decorative pattern on its surface all can do very meticulous with delicate, and the processing that passes a surface, can accomplish completely match with woodiness photograph, the effect is very good.

To consumer, can choose the hardware fittings that accords with oneself to need quite already, also can enjoy high grade life fun.

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