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Drawer sliders are an integral part of kitchen equipment

Drawer sliders are an integral part of kitchen equipment

(1) Function

Drawer slider is the internal bearing structure, the naked eye is invisible, its bearing capacity is directly related to the bearing capacity of drawer slider.

There are both steel ball drawer sliders and silicon wheel drawer sliders on the market.The former through rolling steel ball automatically remove dust and dirt on the drawer slider, so as to ensure that the drawer slider clean, not because of dust into the internal and affect the sliding function.

At the same time, the steel ball will be distributed around the force, to ensure the stability of the drawer in the horizontal and vertical direction.

The sundry that silicon wheel drawer produces in use for a long time and attrition process shows snow form, can roll generation, also do not affect the slide of the drawer.

(2) Choice

Drawer is kitchen equipment indispensable a part, whole drawer is to pass a design.

The most important accessory is the drawer slider.Because of the special environment of the kitchen, the drawer slider of low quality feels good even in short time.

Long time use will not be easy to push and pull.When the choice, can extract a drawer completely, the structure that can see a drawer clearly from bottom and its are contacted with drawer slider specific structure, still can observe the ply of drawer side board.

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