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How to maintain goldenwarm cabinet hardware

How to maintain goldenwarm cabinet hardware

All hardware components in the cabinet should be kept clean, and the water stains should be removed in time.

The door hinges and the Drawer slider channel should be oiled regularly to ensure smooth opening and no rust. Try not to hang anything on the cabinet, especially heavy or wet.

1. Cabinet handle maintenance

Since the handle is often used, it is often easy to loose. Check the tightness of the screws regularly. Be careful not to put a wet towel on the handle, the wooden handle is easy to wet, and the iron or copper paint is easy to rust.

2. Drawer slider maintenance

If the hinge is the heart of the cabinet, the drawer slider is the kidney. The drawer slider should be lubricated regularly, and dry with a dry soft cloth; check for fine particles on the slide and clean it in time to avoid damage to the slide.

3. Hinges maintenance

The hinge is one of the necessary hardware components for the combination of the cabinet and the door panel, which is repeatedly opened and closed.

Keep the cabinet dry and avoid the hinges and other hardware in the humid air; regularly add lubricant every 2-3 months, gently wipe with a dry soft cloth; if it is found that there are dark spots on the surface, you can wipe with a little kerosene, do not Wash with chemical detergent or acid.

These are all easy maintenance methods. I hope that everyone will regularly clean and maintain the cabinet products during the use.

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